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Document Service

Reliable and Efficient

  • We offer prompt, dependable, and seasoned document service, catering to local needs in Christchurch and extending our reach through a highly proficient network across New Zealand and the globe.

Trace Requests

Discrete and Professional

  • We specialise in tracing people, whether it is locating debtors, beneficiaries of wills, estranged loved ones or members of a class or sports team for a reunion - our comprehensive tracing service is conducted with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


Experienced and Comprehensive

  • Concerned about an untrustworthy employee, industrial espionage, or the well-being and safety of a situation your teenagers are in? Inquire about our discreet surveillance services to alleviate your worries.


Thorough and Resourceful

  • With over 14 years of expertise in both criminal and civil investigations, we are well-equipped to support various facets of the investigative process. Our capabilities include proficient file management, meticulous documentation and recording of exhibits, preparation of comprehensive reports, and adept problem-solving for any situation.

Registration Checks

Quick and easy

  • If you've been a victim of fraud or any criminal offence and managed to record vehicle registration, or if you're seeking to enforce a court order or judgment and need to verify registration details, we're here to help. Our efficient and thorough investigative inquiries will swiftly provide you with the results you need.

Field Visit / Interview

Indepth and informative

  • Drawing on over 14 years of experience, we specialise in conducting interviews that are not only effective but also characterised by precision and depth. Regardless of the nature of the inquiry, our seasoned expertise ensures a thorough and insightful approach to gathering information.

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+6422 378 7904 (Brendan)




PO Box 5318, Papanui, Christchurch


Concerned Parent

"Brendan, thanks so much for your work - yes, you found the right person and we are absolutely relieved you didn't find anything that would be upsetting for us"


Sports Club Reunion

"I'm so impressed by your ability to find the two remaining members of our team, thank you so much. I'll be sure to tell anyone that needs investigation assistance to come and see you" 


Concerned Parent

"Thank you for your recent surveillance of (withheld), we're grateful you were able to assist us and keep (witheld) safe"



"Brendan – thanks very much for this! Appreciative for all the efforts made and great to have them served"


Law Firm

"Hi Brendan, thank you for attending to this, very much appreciated. Thank you for your assistance, you have been brilliant."


Estranged sibling located

"That is fantastic news. You have made our day!! Thank you so much - we really appreciate your expertise, time and effort."