About Us

About Us

Avon Investigations was founded in 1988 by Verdi van Beek, a former Detective in the NZ Police, who identified a need to provide professional investigative services to the Legal, Commercial, and Insurance fraternities. Since then, the firm has been involved in all types of investigations and is well-equipped to deal with any type of investigation required.

For 35 years, Verdi has solved thousands of problems for clients across Christchurch, New Zealand, and the globe.

Verdi's reputation in Christchurch as a lead investigator has become legendary, through his 'no problems, only solutions' attitude he has continually provided an outstanding and professional service.

Verdi was supported by the equally reliable and capable Brian Ware, another ex-policeman who provided exceptional document service and investigative assistance to Verdi for several decades.

In late 2023, Brian retired leaving behind an indelible mark on all who have had the privilege to know him.

In October 2023, Brendan Patten, joined Avon Investigations. Brendan brings with him 14 years of investigative experience with the NZ Police, 10 of which were completed in the Criminal Investigation Branch.

During this time Brendan successfully investigated a wide variety of serious criminal and civil investigations and with his attention to detail, high standards, high expectations frequently delivered a high-quality product in a personable manner.

In 2020, Brendan was promoted to and undertook several leadership positions within the Police, consistently implementing a high-performing and accountable culture.

In 2023, keen for a challenge and to grow his own investigative arsenal, Brendan joined Verdi at Avon Investigations and is now applying his well-crafted skills and experience to help you.

Brendan is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators and the World Association of Detectives, resulting in access to a national and global network of agents to complete investigations in most locations around the world.



Avon Investigations is driven by a dedication and unwavering commitment to our clients. As a leading private investigation firm, we specialise in navigating the intricate web of uncertainties to deliver unparalleled solutions.

Our approach is rooted in professionalism, discretion, and a relentless pursuit of the facts. We understand that each situation is unique, requiring a tailored strategy to unveil the truth.

Whether it's uncovering hidden truths in personal matters, corporate investigations, or legal support, we stand as your trusted partner in resolving complexities.

We prioritise confidentiality, integrity, and timely results. We understand the sensitivity of the matters we handle, and our commitment to discretion is unwavering. As your dedicated investigative ally, we strive to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Your trust is our greatest asset, and we look forward to serving you with the utmost diligence and professionalism in every investigation we undertake.

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